Analyser Systems

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3 February 2017
Safety Instrumented Systems
3 February 2017

Optimize Your Process:
Analyzer systems are one of the most important parts in process control. These systems are measuring process composition or critical chemical and physical parameters in process. The analyzer systems used to follow 4 main reasons:

  • Environment Protection
  • Process Optimization
  • Safety Measurement
  • Product Quality Control
Analyzer systems has some sub-systems and some installation methods based on IEC and NFPA standards. Sample handling system (SHS) is a main part of analyzer systems and is very important.
Akanendustri Engineering Co. as a traditional company with more than 10 years in oil, gas and petrochemical industry. Akan specializes in all aspects of analyzer system integration including engineering, consulting, and fabrication. Markets served include Engineering & Construction firms (EPC), end users in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS), etc.
Akanendustri Engineering Co has a great business partners from all around the world;