Installation and Erection
17 March 2021

AFV Fuel Valve

The Akan Fuel valve is an assembly composed of a Class 300/600 ball valve body, an electrical actuator and an electronic micro-processor based system, where the electric and electronic parts are installed in an enclosure ensuring the safety issues.

The AFV Fuel Valve is as FAST to surf the whole stroke in less than 500 milliseconds thanks to a brushless DC motor coupled with a high-speed Input, efficient and low-noise planetary gearbox. AKAN  AFV Fuel Valve is a PRECISE control valve with position control accuracy of 0.05% resulted from the low backlash gearbox and an accurate position sensor used.

Fast response together with high positioning precision are the reasons for suitability of AKAN Fuel valve for power generation and oil & Gas applications like gas turbines and also high-efficiency boilers.

AKAN offers appropriate actuator and electronic system with different size of valves (1-3 inch) to operate on gas turbines ranging from fractions of MW over 100 MW shaft power.

The last but not the least is the FEATURED COMPUTER INTERFACE developed by AKAN for fuel valve monitoring which helps fuel skid maintenance and troubleshooting and reduces turbine and boilers shutdown period.