About Akan Industry

Our team of highly trained Electrical, Mechanical, and Controls Engineers designs and integrates solutions that address the intricate needs of our clients with the help of industry experts. Experienced specialists on our project management teams are aware of the industry's urgency.

Our Experience

Technical expertise in a wide range of Control systems is what we have. Akan is able to take on small to medium-sized projects because of our understanding of the necessity for a sole source engineering firm in today's world, experience with electrical and controls design, a project management methodology, and specialized enterprise solutions. We can provide our clients a system-wide comprehensive solution thanks to our significant experience.

Our vision

With international quality standards, Akan will be a successful and productive company with a reputation as one of Turkey's leading professional engineering, automation and integration companies.

Our mission

Akan will Carry the prestige of use of advanced technology in infrastructure issues of Turkey to the world scale and adopting continuous improvement in principle, Akan will provide high quality products and services that exceed customer expectations. Akan employs and applies modern management systems with a focus on environment and resource agility, adaptability, and integrity.