17 August 2022
17 August 2022

Energy and Chemical

Engineering and Project Services for Energy and Chemical Businesses

Akan Industry has a long track record of successful engineering and project delivery for energy and chemical companies. Whether it is an upgrade of an existing facility to comply with new regulations or installation of new equipment to meet increased product demand, Akan industry’s experience and services allow us to be a trusted advisor to many clients in the energy and chemical industries.

Akan Industry knows the intricacies of the energy and chemical sectors well, such as how to apply the latest technology or comply with current regulations. With extensive experience in refineries and industries, we deliver small and mid-capital projects for energy and chemical companies on time and on budget. In doing so, we have developed long-time relationships with clients, instilling confidence and cultivating trust. Within this market sector, we focus on industries including:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Hydrocarbon Refining
  • Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
  • Utilities